Saturday, January 24, 2009

First trip to the snow

We went up to Tahoe a couple of weeks ago and Fiori loved it. Matt made a little sledding hill and we sent her down on her own over and over again. Then we went to a big sledding hill and she rode down a rather big, scary hill with us on a double sled and totally loved it. My friend's older kids were freaking out while Fiori was laughing and clapping. That girl is fearless.

Unfortunately, as I forgot my camera and have lost my Mino, the only video I have is from my friend's camera and the video is of the little hill. And you can't really see her smiling face.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

But she's just an itty-bitty thing!

I started having pains in my left hand near the thumb a few months ago. The pain ranged from minor annoyance to really painful and seemed to be getting worse. Seems to happen the most when I am spreading my hands out and lifting things i.e. Fiori out of the crib by her armpits. When my thumb started to lock up I decided I had best go see a doctor.

I went today and mentioned to the doc that it happened when I lift things, in particular my daughter and other heavy-ish items. She told me it is likely tendonitis and she sees it regularly but more often with new mothers and odd that I am just getting it now when my daughter is almost 15 months. But wait, she is adopted and only came home a few months before the pain started. Ah, that explains it.

What kind of a wimp am I that I get tendonitis from lifting my daughter? I knew I should have done this before I got too old!

Anyhoo, the doc gave me a cortisone shot and we are hoping that will do the trick. Won't know for a few weeks but meanwhile I'm trying not to use my left hand much. Yeah right.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow bunny with Grandma.


Not digging the carousel much.

Yes, we admit we are dog people.

Thankfully so is Fiori.

Yep, she just crawled right between Ellie's two front paws and hung out there a while. So cute!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Making strides.

Of our three dogs, Miles is the least tolerant of Fiori. He pretty much just gets up and moves away whever she comes near. And if he thinks she is touching him, he makes this weird noise like a combination of a howl and a growl. It's not threatening but it's like he's telling her to stop annoying him. Fiori of course ignores him and keeps on playing with him until he finally gets up and leaves.

So it was kind of cool to see this today. It's a start.

Lazy New Years Day.

This is much of how we spent our New Years - kicking back watching the Rose Bowl. Fiori is so going to be a football junkie. She also went to her final football game of the year last weekend as we saw Cal beat Miami at the Emerald Bowl.

Next up, her first basketball game this Sunday.